5 Steps To Manage WordPress Adsense Plugins

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July 1, 2019
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5 Steps To Manage WordPress Adsense Plugins

Wordpress Adsense Plugins

Using sponsored advertising, Google Adsense, among many other specific services for this – you give the first “tip foot” to make your site profitable through advertisements. From there, the way you will handle the wordpress adsense plugins and distribute the same on the front end of your website can set your financial return.

When we already have many advertisers, the need to use a solid, professional tool to manage ads increases. For WordPress you will find dozens of plugins of this type. However, CanalWP has chosen a specific tool so you can keep advertising inside the site in an organized and efficient way.

You can download the plugin here

SAM Pro Free, a wordpress adsense plugins:

The tool that started with the name of Simple Ads Manager has now reached a new level, as well as a new title,  SAM Pro Free . Easy usability is the goal of this wordpress adsense plugin, which gives you and your site a totally flexible logic for displaying ads. You’ll have everything you need to advertise anything in a professional way and track its impact through statistics.

The  SAM Pro Free is the right plugin for anyone who wants to view and organize professionally sponsored ads on one or more websites. It allows you to set: ad rotation per page; scheduling, and printing and click limitations; restrictions based on page types, by posts, categories, tags and custom terms; ads of any kind are accepted (png, jpg, flash, etc); among other options. The wordpress adsense widget can also be useful to display the ads on the webpage.

You Need to Understand

Now that you have a plugin to manage Ads professionally in WordPress, we need to understand how everything works.

The  SAM Pro Free is a robust tool that was created for use in sites of different sizes, ie, it has a complete organization for those with dozens of advertisers and also to those who do not have so many so.

It brings you 4 solid concepts that you need to understand. Otherwise, everything can get really very confusing. They are the ideas of  Ads, Places, Zones and Blocks . 


As we are already familiar with reading,  Ads is a unique ad. That means that ads are the same things – what changes is just the language in the wordpress adsense plugins


The Places or locations refer to the places where the ads will appear. You can and MUST have several  places scattered on your site. For example, the creation of places can be based on one or more categories of the blog: header, health header and single post header.


The  Zones are areas of your site where you will organize the exhibition  Places . Calm down, it may be confusing now in your mind, but let’s set an example that everything improves.

Taking into account the previous example, we have 3  places (header, health header and single post header) – with the creation of the  header zone I can create logical rules for the display of these places .

Example: I want to display ads in the header of all pages and posts on my site. It turns out that health ads should appear only when posts are about health and the others will appear in all posts of the other categories that exist. Therefore, I create the  zone header, 3 types of places and I define the rules for displaying them on the wordpress adsense plugins.


After all, after the existence of  places and zones , what can be Blocks ? The  blocks or ad units can be seen as a container for one or multiple ad objects –  places, zones and also ads / unique ads. When you have ads organized by places and zones, you can create blocks and sell them already with specific display rules.


The  SAM Pro Free is a wordpress adsense plugins which is  professional and robust used  for managing ads and advertisers, with integration to Goole DoubleClick for Publishers , sending emails, among other functions. Therefore, the correct performance of your settings is very important for the proper functioning of the tool.