AdsPlugin Features


Easy to use

Our plugins are integrated with WordPress. That is you have all freedom to place your advert anywhere you want. Our Ads plugin provides an easy access to dashboard, lots of features and setting.



Get clear reports. Our ads plugins amke a clear report on ads that are successful. If you wish your advertisers can access these numbers also.


Get Notifications

You can track your adverts easily. You get a notification once the advert is expired, or if it has any errors, etc...


With these plugins you get over all control of the advert. You can maintain multiple schedules for your advert. Each advert has plenty of schedules so you can just plan your campaigns in advance.


Adverts on Mobile

You can select adverts only on mobile by preventing showing desktop adverts on mobile phones. It can be done on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Advertiser Campaigns

The advertisers can create their own adverts. There are lot of features that will help you in managing and placing your adverts.

Wordpress Adsense Plugin

Ads Pro Plugin For Wordpress

Ads Pro is one of the best Ad Management plugin for WordPress. It provides ad manager and website publishers with plenty of options to create, manage purchase adverts. It is less prone to errors, while at the same time it functions as a time-saver.

Adning Plugin

Adning is a powerful wordpress Ad manager plugin. You can display ads on your websites with this plugin. And also, you can give access to your users to post their ads on your website, for that you can provide them seperate slots.

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