Ads Pro Plugin -Creating a website is not a simple task, although the price has been lowered in recent years, it requires a considerable investment in time and money to make it work. There are many ways to monetize your blog or website, but online advertising is still the best option for most companies, both large and small. For that, code-canyon ads pro plugin is necessary.

The state of online advertising

The range of advertising options has expanded considerably in recent years. If you spend more than a few minutes surfing the web it is very likely that you will find a combination of text ads, banners, affiliate links, pop-up ads, video ads, etc.

Ads have also become smarter, the amount of data available to advertisers has skyrocketed. Tools like Adwords and Facebook Ads are relatively easy to manage and customize, and affiliate programs of Internet giants like Amazon can be exploited even by smaller websites.

The good news for WordPress site owners is that the platform makes it incredibly easy to integrate many of these options through plugins. In this post we will focus on 5 of the best online advertising plugins that you can include on your page.

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1. WordPress Ad Widget

If you simply want to put some ads on your website, there is nothing easier than this plugin. All you have to do is insert the ad code and place your widget in the sidebar. This ads pro plugin supports a wide range of ad formats.


  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • It allows you to run text and image ads.
  • Compatible with Google Adsense and other ad platforms.

2. AdRotate

AdRotate has a free version and a paid version. This plug-in allows you to insert predetermined ads wherever you want, create your own and track your performance. It is also compatible with most advertising platforms. It also includes documentation for the user and a forum on its main website.


  • Check the performance of your ads by tracking impressions and clicks.
  • It allows you to manage and modify several ads at once.
  • Ads can be geo-targeted and responsive.
  • Ads can be programmed and deleted automatically.
  • Compatible with Google Adsense, Doubleclick, Chitika, JuiceAds and many other platforms.

3. Ad Injection

This advanced ads pro plugin allows you to integrate ads in the body of your posts. It is an option that could be considered little invasive depending on how you do it, so you should take into account the user experience .


  • The number of the ads can be restricted depending on the length of the posts and the location of the viewer.
  • Ads can be placed above, below and next to your content. There is also a Ā«random locationĀ» option.
  • It allows you to perform tests by rotating ads.

4. AdPlugg WordPress Plugin

This is the official AdPlugg advertising platform plugin, which offers free and premium plans for the use of its services. It is a solution that works well with most content management systems and blog platforms such as WordPress and Joomla .

AdPlugg offers a robust set of advertising management features, such as ad rotation for testing, analytics, programming, and a short code to insert ads wherever you want if you do it manually.


  • It allows you to interact with the AdPlugg platform directly from your dashboard.
  • Ads can be easily inserted, just drag and drop the AdPlugg widget.

5. Amazon Link

This last classified ads pro plugin, Amazon Link, allows you to take advantage of Amazon’s market power through affiliate commissions.

It gives you the ability to insert product ads in your posts, which can be simple text links, images or full-size widgets. Each and every one of them are linked to your Amazon affiliate ID, so you’ll earn commissions for the sales made.


  • It includes a search tool to help you find the most suitable products.
  • The product links are located depending on the visitor’s country.
  • Includes several templates for customizing widgets.