8 WordPress Pro Advertising Media Management Plugins:

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June 24, 2019
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8 WordPress Pro Advertising Media Management Plugins:

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One of the advantages of the WordPress content management platform is the ability to easily monetize your blog or website through pro advertising media. Whether you are using a pay-per-click advertising scheme, affiliate marketing, or your own system, there are many ways to generate billing with your content in WordPress.

Fortunately, the flexibility of WordPress allows the use of plugins that can make the deployment and management of advertising campaigns an even simpler and more efficient task. 

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Here’s a selection of the top 8 WordPress pro advertising media plugins for advertising management:

1. Float Ad:

This WordPress plugin floats at the top of your pages and stays in place when the page scrolls down making it permanently visible. The extra exposure of your ad will attract more clicks and convert more sales.

2. OmniAds:

OmniAds brings tremendous flexibility to your WordPress advertising campaign. This plugin can be a bit too complicated for newbies, but intermediate or advanced webmasters will take full advantage of the functionality that lets you use complex syntax rules to fine-tune your ads. This plugin allows administrators to insert PHP and HTML fragments to control the appearance of ads, and the plugin still has other killer capabilities like displaying ads based on the origin of visitors, for example.

pro advertising media

3. WP125:

By enabling automatic start and start scheduling of ads, the WP125 WP pro advertising system plugin introduces a high level of automation for website and blog owners. This plugin also counts clicks and allows you to store old ads so they can be reactivated when necessary. In contrast, WP125 only supports the use of 125 × 125 format ads.

4. Shantz WordPress Prefix Suffix:

This plugin allows you to insert text, HTML and CSS code before and after each post or page, allowing you to customize your advertising using text messages, links or images to drive traffic to your partners. 

5. Advertising Manager: 

For a complete advertising solution that rotates your AdSense advertising, as well as for other ad networks, a great alternative is adv pro advertising Manager. This plugin enhances compliance with the rules of the pay-per-click system while ensuring that all of your advertising campaigns are having maximum exposure. Installing this WordPress plugin is very easy with its import function and its native ability to manage the major networks of advertisers. You can use Advertising Manager to place ads within posts or pages, or you can use your widget to insert advertisements into the sidebar of WordPress pro advertising media.

6. Sponsor Ad Management:

Sites that sell sponsorship will find in the Sponsor Ad Management plugin an essential tool. This plugin for WordPress tracks the performance and exposure of each ad. In fact, this pro advertising media plugin allows the creation of an entire platform to configure and manage a sponsored campaign on a website or blog or through multiple addresses. You can set up advertising banners to have operated on PPC, PPV or even pay-per-day regime . This plugin also allows scheduling and many other customization options that will ensure the success of your campaign.

7. WP Tag Ads: 

WP Tag Ads brings an innovative approach to advertising on blogs or websites by using your tags to promote items on eBay (you need to have an account in the eBay partner program to work). WP pro advertising system v1.5 plugin analyzes the content of your post or page and attempts to display relevant advertising from the eBay network. For those who are already familiar with the e-business website partner system, this plugin is the best tool possible.

8. ISIS Ad Management:

This plugin adds drag and drop to your ad management system. With ISIS Ad Management you can order and reorder your ads with the mouse, making it easy to organize and manage them. This is a widget- based plugin and will only use ads in the 125 × 125 format and it is one of the efficient pro advertising media.