Ads Pro Advertising Plugin

This Ads pro plugin has everything that you need to start. And are you looking for an affordable option? then Ads Pro plugin is the good one for you.

Ads Pro Review

Here I’m going to talk about the top most advertising plugin for wordpress called the Ads pro plugin.

This advertising plugin is available only on AdsPlugin. And this particular plugin does not have a free version for testing. So before buying Ads pro plugin analyze completely.

Click the below button and get the Ads pro plugin easily:

Let's see about the plugin in detail and also about their functions. Advanced ads pro helps large websites and professional to optimize the ad setup using advanced features.


  • Email Support, updates for 1 year and unlimited usage
  • Cache-busting, This allows dynamic features with cache for websites
  • 6 advanced placements
  • 13 more display
  • Test placements between each other
  • Limitation - displays an ad only once in a page
  • Refresh ad without any page reloading
  • Ad grids are created from the grouped ads
  • It injects ads in the content without using the the_content filter
  • It lists recently delivered ads on the admin bar which is in the frontend
  • Ad-related user roles are selected for the individual users (For example, ad admin, ad user, and ad manager)
  • It has Lazy Load to increase the page speed
  • Click Fraud Protection
  • Alternative ads for Ad-Block users
  • Place custom code right after an ad
  • Additional Plugin support
  • Support for the Autoptimize plugin
  • Dedicated placements for the bbPress
  • Dedicated placements for the BuddyPress
  • Display Condition for the WPML languages
  • Display for Paid Memberships

Ads Pro Setup

The setup process is pretty easy in this classified ads pro plugin. It does not need any other requirements during the installation process, only the advanced ads pro require woo-commerce, other than that it is very easy to install.

You can use this plugin without any purchase code, only some features are locked until you add the purchase code.

Apart from that, the settings are very simple and straightforward mainly for the payments and notifications.

The settings allow to customise the entire look of the things, without any need to resort to CSS. This may be very good for persons those who do not have or only have limited skills to work with CSS, but if you have great knowledge in CSS then this styling will be really very easy for you.

This plugin is integrated with BuddyPress and BBPress. It also has an area “hooks” where one can add the shortcode of the advert after the content.

Ad Spaces

In codecanyon ads pro plugin, before creating the adverts it is very important to add some space. Actually, these are groups that cover almost everything from the cost to the number of adverts that are shown.

Each space limits the no. of adverts, this is great and especially if you are willing to sell the advertising space.

In this ad space, you can also add the advert style, which may be quite odd, but you can choose from the extended display types including:

  • Carousel : slide or fade
  • Floating (4 options)
  • Scroll Bars : Top or Bottom
  • Corner Peel
  • Pop-up
  • Background
  • Layer
  • Link
  • Exit pop-up

You can also define the template and the dimensions of an advert. There are many standard sizes, such as 728×90 and 125×125 and so on.

Some excellent features are available for you to create custom templates. Even Though it does not have any creator menu, you can still create custom templates which are really good.

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