The Pro Advertising -Adning is one of the best Ad Management plugin in wordpress which helps you to show ads on your website. Also, you can allow users to create their particular pro advertising on your website by providing them with specific slots. Adning is one of the wp pro advertising system.

The Pro Advertising Features are:

  • It Sell AD Spots
  • It has Automatic Positioning
  • It create Multiple Ads
  • It has Google AdSense Support

Product Description

This Ad Management WordPress plugin lets you to make and oversee different advertisements or standards on your site advantageously. You can show advertisements at wherever on your site like widget area, sidebars etc.

Download this plugin here:

Moreover this plugin includes excellent features such as automatic positioning, parallax scrolling ads & HTML5 banner support.

Main Features Of Adning Ad Management Plugin

This wp pro advertising system v1.5 supports Multiple Ad Networks and this plugin is suitable for the different ad networks and it lets you insert almost any banner on your website at any size

  • Yahoo
  • HTML5 Banners
  • Google AdSense
  • AOI Advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • Google AdSense
  • DoubleClick

It is user friendly plugin and it is simple to create HTML5 banner packages with assistance from some trending banner creators such as Google Web Designer, imgMCE, Bannersnack etc. After creating your banner, you can upload them at anywhere on your website with drag & drop feature

Post Banners

This plugin lets you easily create banners which exactly appears like posts with assistance from different page builders such as Gutenberg, WPBakery, Elementor etc.

The Pro Advertising System

Display Parallax Scrolling Ads

You can make beautiful parallax scrolling ads which will easily mix up into your content and also you can set a graphic or video backgrounds for banners. Further, add attractive floating HTML objects within the background.

Manageable Campaigns

This Ad management plugin lets you group multiple banners & produce a full campaign on your website. Also, you can decide specific weekdays & time which you want to display ads of the campaign.

Sell Ad Spots

With this specific plugin, you can offer a specific host to your website to users & allow them to upload their particular ads on place distributed by you. Additionally, the users can very quickly manage & edit ads from the frontend of one’s website.

Google Analytics Integration

This Ad management plugin for WordPress is fully suitable for Google analytics. With this specific feature, you will receive a complete report about how many clicks your ads receive. Also, you can make CTR for each and every banner, adzone, campaign. Moreover, the plugin lets you export all statistics in PDF. Apart from that, the plugin can also track information for almost any specific user.

Auto Positioning Feature

With this specific feature, you can select the posts where you want to add the banners. Further, the ads or banners will be added automatically to the selected posts.