WordPress Adsense Plugin-This article is mainly about wordpress adsense plugin, and ideas to set up those adsense plugins.

For most entrepreneurs who wish to break the internet and generate profits, creating a Google Adsense account is one of the first steps to take. It does not matter if it’s a blog, store, product, service, and so on. One of the ways to make money with the help of Google is by working with Adsense.

If you are in the process of developing or already have a WP site and want to use this tool to increase income, AdsPlugin will teach you «right» how to check and add Google Adsense in WordPress. Every step needed to start using it in practice, we’ll teach you today!

WordPress Adsense plugin: What is Google Adsense

If you’ve fallen out of the parachute in this post or have heard of Google Adsense but are not sure what it’s all about, rest assured I’ll tell you everything you need to know. I’m sure you’ve already accessed a website where advertisements from different companies and products were displayed. Well, most likely these ads came from Adsense.

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The Google Adsense is a Google solution, as the name implies, it allows you to include advertisements for companies registered on websites, blogs and even in stores. It’s a free and really simple service to start making money on the internet just by displaying third-party ads on your website.


One of the best things about using Google Adsense on WordPress or on any other platform is the possibility and freedom that the service gives us. In Adsense it is you who decides what types of ads you want to show on your site. So you will not get advertisements that are out of line with your type of business and go against what your target audience is looking for.

If you did not like the particular ad, no problem! It’s just you block it. There is still the ability to customize the types of advertisements and the places where they will appear within the pages of your website.

AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

For those who are looking for a quick, practical solution and without interfering in the loading of the site to display AdSense ads, the WP Quads wordpress adsense plugins is a good tool. With over 40,000 active users, this solution allows you to register, manage impressions and position ads within WordPress without touching HTML, PHP or JavaScript code.

The WP Quads has a free version – which is what we will use in this tutorial, and a paid (PRO). In the free version we have placement, definition of measures, enable and disable ads on specific pages and types of post, as well as create widgets reserved for the display of AdSense ads.

WP Quads paid version (PRO)  supports AMP ad units – optimized for mobile devices. This is their biggest difference from the free version. For both versions, you can limit the maximum number of ads per page, add code block for up to 10 AdSense ads, and more.

Adding Adsense Ads to WordPress

Now that you’ve heard a little about the WP Quads wordpress adsense plugins to add Google Adsense to your site, install and activate the tool in your WordPress.

With WP Quads enabled, we can start our settings and then display the Google Adsense advertisements in WordPress.

For the following settings step by step, you must already have an account created in Google Adsense and have the code blocks of the ads at hand. Once you’re ready to get started, see the following details.

General Settings

Once WP Quads is installed and activated in WordPress a new menu item is added in the sidebar of the Dashboard.

Click WP QUADS> Ad Settings . It is now that the settings for displaying ads on the posts and pages of your site begins!

Once the WP Quads plugin settings page loads, you’ll see it like this:

Notice that we have already entered the General> General & Position tab . It’s here on this tab that we’ll make settings related to the placement and visibility of our Google AdSense ads.

However, we first need to add the codes for each ad unit. Right?! Then click the ADSENSE CODE tab and select one of the 10 Ad to configure.

Once you click to open an Ad (ad unit), you have 2 options: Adsense and Plain Text / HTML / JS . To add the code generated by Adsense, you must mark the first option . If at another time you want to add advertisement for other services, you can use the second option.

Click the Copy / Paste AdSense Code button to paste the ad code block generated by AdSense.

A pop-up window will open, you should paste the ad code inside it and click the Get Code button. Follow the image below:

After adding the AdSense ad code, your Ad block will be shown with some options populated as some data pulled from the code. I’m talking about the dimensions of the Ad Slot ID and its Publisher ID .

Some settings will be blocked because we are using the free version of WP Quads , but you can do some layout settings such as alignment and margin.

To complete this step, click the Save Changes button .