Pro Advertising For Custom Post Types

Pro Advertising-This pro advertising plugin lets you create ads for following different post types & the entire process works in automation –

WooCommerce – It is simple way to display the ads of one’s WooCommerce products on your website.

  • bbPress – Create & manage ads for the BBpress topics & forum pages.
  • BuddyPress – Display ads for your entire BuddyPress pages.

Click the download link and get the adning plugin.

Pro Advertising-It has different display options and this is the greatest ad management WordPress plugin which lets you display ads or banners in following other ways on your website-

  • Ads At Top, Bottom, Center, Left Or Right Side Of Post
  • Ad Grids
  • Text & Popup Ads
  • Background
  • Text & Popup Ads
  • Sidebar
  • Corner Peel Ads
  • Flying Ads In Top Or Bottom
  • Layered Ads In Top Or Bottom

Pro Advertising PluginSecured Payment System

The Adning plugin is a best wp pro advertising system. It has an automated checkout system which lets you to receive payments automatically. You should use multiple WooCommerce payment gateways such as Stripe, bitcoin, Paypal,etc.

Furthermore, you can be given a payment from users on an alternative basis like –

  • GDPR Compliance
Pro Advertising

The Pro Advertising plugin is fully General Data Protection Regulation ready which can help you to protect all the info in one’s website. You can set an option to cover up all the ads from users until he approves your content.

More Features Of Ad Management WordPress Plugin –

  • By using this wp pro advertising system v1.5 plugin you can control AdSense banners on your website.
  • As I mentioned before, it is user friendly plugin. So you can easily manage the display filters and you can schedule the time & place where your ads should really be displayed.
  • Pro Advertising supports Accelerated Mobile Pages which let you increase the readability and speed of ads for all kinds of mobile devices.
  • Also you can display or hide your banners from the various location website visitors.
  • It is fully responsive and it supports multiple devices like  iPhone, desktop, mobile, iPad, iPod etc.
  • You can display the full-width background ads on the all sides of the website.
  • This wordpress pro advertising plugin supports in YouTube and Vimeo videos.
  • It has attractive rotations options and transition effects with ads.
  • It has the embed code option which easily place your ads on different types of website you want.
  • It is compatible with multiple browsers such as Opera, Chrome, IE11, Firefox, Edge, Safari etc